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Turks and Caicos is a unique set of islands in the Caribbean with the most beautiful beaches and waters you’ve ever seen. Your best option to truly take in all of its beauty is from the sky with Key To The Sea Parasailing.

Enjoy the breathtaking turquoise view of Providenciales from your own beautiful parachute as you parasail nearly 500 feet into the sky over the blue waters of Turks and Caicos. Watch for sea creatures, or gaze out toward the horizon where the blue sky meets the blue waters.

Our captain and crew members will explain all the procedures and safety precautions when preparing you and your family for takeoff. After the safety instructions, they will assist all flights for gentle takeoffs and landings from the rear of the parasail boat. We’re happy to capture your “flying” moments with mobile devices.

During your parasail flight, you may want to be dipped in the water or request to stay dry. The choice is up to you. In addition, we offer single, double or triple tandem parasailing trips.

Parasailing is a safe and exciting adventure. It truly is fun for the entire family.

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